Bike Studio

BikeStudio Software is a free complete bicycle solution for indoor riding. Ride in a criterium, road race, or a picturesque country road with video footage. Or, workout with power based intervals based on your FTP. Create and share your  power based workouts.

Exciting features like drafting, hills, handicap mode, points races, elimination races, participate with friends in online riding and workouts.

BikeStudio is compatible with ANT+ FEC smart trainers, ANT+ power meters, ANT+ speed sensors, ANT+ heart rate monitors, Computrainers, and PowerCurve sensors!

All the details in the manual! Download here.

On a Mac?

The latest version is here,

Free courses available to import,

ZVP Grand Prix 2019 – One loop (10.6Km) of the ZVP Grand Prix in nasty weather (872Mb)

Justine et Marthe – Nice 34Km ride in cold and slippery conditions in southern Quebec (1.8Gb)

Chemin St George – Another favorite west of Montreal, perfect for a tough 10km TT (1.1Gb)

Chemin St Guillaume – Nice rolling road west of Montreal, great for a TT (1.0Gb)

La batture de Kamouraska (3.5GB)

Holguin Rollers – A bumpy ride in the Holguin province of Cuba! (3GB)

Carretera Guardalavaca – A Cuban flavor scenic highway near Holguin (2GB)

Dynamiques de Contrecoeur 34Km TT- the local favorite near Montreal! (2GB)

Maple Mountain – Rigaud mountain at its finest with fall colors and the Bourget climb of course! (1.1GB)

Thanksgiving – Harvest season in the Montérégie Ouest region of Quebec (1.8Gb)

Palms to Pines, a enduring 20Km climb from the California desert (3.2GB)

A babord – à tribord, an easy ride along the Saint Laurence in southern Quebec (890MB)

Cycles Rossi / Van Haeften Time Trial (700MB)

Mont Shefford (2GB)

Double-sided Covey Hill (2GB)

Matanzas Hill – Cuba (4.5GB)

Lost in Lost River (3GB)

Quebec Provincial Team Time Trial 2012 (2.6GB)

Bas St-Laurent Medley (3GB)

Tour de Chivirico – Cuba (2GB)

Team Time Trial workout on Montreal F1 Track (2GB)

Killed in Battenkill – Part II (2GB)

Montreal Pro Tour (1GB)

Chemin Olmsted – Parc du Mont Royal (4GB)

Critérium de Lachine July 3, 2012 (3GB)

Here is a great collection of workouts. The Sufferfest workouts are for licensed Sufferlandria Embassies. Great for cycling studios.