The PowerCurve Sensor is compatible with following software packages:

Bike Studio

  • A complete bicycle solution. Ride in a criterium, road race, or a picturesque country road with video footage. Or, workout with power based intervals based on your FTP. Create and share your  power based workouts.
  • Exciting features like drafting, hills, handicap mode, points races, elimination races, participate with friends in online riding and workouts.
  • Here is a glimpse of the Maple Mountain course:

PowerCurve Software

  • A simple interface to use with your PowerCurve and get watt and speed readings in multi-rider mode.

Tour de Giro

  • An excellent cycling virtual reality software with Internet riding. It won’t rival the latest Ubisoft or Electronic Arts game at the graphics level, but it renders a realistic virtual terrain with a great physics engine.|
  • Tour de Giro users are also a vibrant community with well attended online rides.