The Sensor

Accurate, Simple, Affordable

Pick any three

The PowerCurve Sensor is a USB device with a wheel and magnet sensor that turns a common stationary bicycle trainer into a cycling power meter! With press on force calibrated, stationary trainers have a consistent load curve that provide for very accurate power measurements. Check out this page for the load curves of specific home trainer models.

Only during coasting are there discrepancies between the PowerCurve Sensor measurement and the actual power output. But coasting on a stationary trainer is almost non existent because of the high press on force to prevent wheel slippage.


Just plug into a USB port, attach the sensor to a bicycle and ride.

Uses standard for phone jack and can be extended with standard phone cable.

No software drivers required ♦ No need to pair sensors with receivers ♦ No battery replacements ♦ No transmission range limitation ♦ No interference

No geeky skills required


Home trainers with built in power measurement costs hundreds of dollars. Ant+ power meters cost generally between $700 and $2000. Training with power has become accessible and less expensive than the cost of a race tire! It comes with the free BikeStudio multi-rider software.